Monday, October 13, 2014

Experimental films vol.3

As we continue to delve more into the subject of experimental films,we see that they go beyond mere illogical visual experience, although it may not seem so to the common viewers,who can hardly make sense of what they see. In order to produce such a visual experience, the experimental filmmaker must first master the rules and conventions,in order to break them and pursue innovation.
İn order to answer the question why are experimental films made in the first place,we can look back on the previous post, and make some connections with the historical context in which experimental films shaped themselves. Film was a new and emerging art of the 20th century,but it went through many structural changes and redefinition  as the other arts did,which brings us back to the point of how experimental films came in the first place. Experimental film making came as a response to many political,social and cultural aspects, and it had its most prolific periods after World War I and World War II, as these filmmakers were trying to portray a new state of the world and its consciousness through the visual medium.The idea and the intention of these filmmakers was to ridicule norms and conventions of a normal human experience, as much as these wars did.The imagery of these films, subjects, characters were abstract and did not make much common sense, as it was the general idea to create meaning out of non- meaning, to create sense through nonsense. So we can say, that experimental films are actually anti- films, because they completely reject  reason and logic, and are a representation of intuition ad irrationality more than anything, which is the product of embracing the  chaos and the irrationality of the time. Another very important aspect of experimental film making was the breakthrough in psychology and dream analysis,which provided the filmmakers better insight and a broader range of imagination, that resulted with illogical and startling visual experiences.The imagery resolves the condition between dreams and reality,which is unnerving, strange and surprising for the viewer.So in  a way, by playing with abstract visual representation of reality, experimental films create an image of superior reality.This kind of imagery requires a much more of  intellectual stimulation from the viewer, as it never allows them to fully immerse themselves into the medium,making them question the meaning of every single frame and its meaning as oppose to having a generalized idea of the entire work. During the course of time, these films have evolved,and maybe today we can speak more in an aspect of video art rather than experimental films. But why these films are still relevant and being made more than ever is an important thing we have to look at. Every innovation becomes a norm during the course of time,but what these films keep on doing is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of visual expression,standing up against intellectual and cultural conformity,creating false rationality and presenting a reality which is detached from the normal human experience.

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