Saturday, October 18, 2014

Drawing conclusions from the previous post,we can observe that the visual content of experimental films is very simmilar to the the one we experience during dreams.This fact is the thing mentioned in the previous post,when we said that experimental films present a superior reality. Presenting a story with no clear beggining,middle and end with a visual language which breaks the regular conventions,is the same process with which our subconscious communicates with the sleeper during dreaming.We can relate this observation with Freud's dream analysis technique,where it is said that the material and symbols in out dreams are meant to confuse us and distract us from the real meaning,just as experimental films do by using a distorted visual language,abstract stories and unexpected story twists. Experimental films often present a story in a way that it is a digression upon digression,and although the images that appear may innitialy appear bizzare  and nonsensical, their analysis can reveal an underlying meaning.It seems that experimental films have found a way to tap into the language of the subconscious, which is exactly why viewers have a hard time making clear sense out of them.Analyzing an experimental film would therefore be the same as analyzing dreams,which means focusing on symbols which appear and relating them to one's individual psyche.This means that experimental films should be analyzed from each viewer'a perspective,because the do not carry a generalized idea,but relate to every individual in different way,according to their psychology.

Key words: Visual language, dream analysis, symbols,subconscious

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