Monday, November 17, 2014

Experimental films vol.6

This paper presents results of an in-depth research and comparative analysis of female experimental filmmakers and their work. As an aspiring female filmmaker, it is important to know what exactly are those changes, that were made possible through experimental film making, and how these women shaped a new visual language .This research leans heavily on Laura Mulvey' s essay 'Visual pleasure and narrative cinema', in order to determine just what it is that was so strictly shaped in conventional narrative cinema, and how experimental film making allowed women to explore and break the conventions of a coded visual language and narration which were rooted within the viewer. Analysis of films and theories of Maya Deren will serve as a milestone which started an entire wave of women using the medium of experimental film to explore many issues, but in this regard, we will focus on women's cinema , gender issues and the visual language. The paper further explores women filmmakers such as Vera Chytilova, Shirley Clarke , Chantal Akerman , and how the roots in experimental filmmaking led to the creation of the counter cinema. 

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