Saturday, September 27, 2014

Experimental films

In my opinion, the basic purpose of experimental films is to push the boundaries,limits and the norms of the principles with which films are made.The narrative structure and the visual form have an either simplified or an exaggerated form in order to question the intention of the medium itself. These films often lack the generalized character driven plots, putting the focus rather on signs, symbols in order to examine the way viewers perceive what they see. Sound is another element which is often distorted in order  to create tension between itself and the visual element. Experimental films tend to explore themes and subjects which may be controversial or taboo, or either present any theme and subject in such a way. Throughout its history, experimental films have changed and influenced the entire medium itself, and they continue to do so, because they are constantly evolving and exploring for the new ways of expression, themes and viewers expectations and perception.

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